WE'RE BACK! St. Charles is Open!

Welcome Back to St. Charles

The following courses will be starting today!

English as a Second Language http://stcharles.ca/ESL

ESL Credit http://stcharles.ca/ESLCR

LINC http://stcharles.ca/LINC

TOEFL Preparation http://stcharles.ca/TOEFL

Teacher Taught Day Credit http://stcharles.ca/CR

Self-Paced Day Credit http://stcharles.ca/CR

Independent Learning (Credit) http://stcharles.ca/ILC

Academic Upgrading (LBS) http://stcharles.ca/LBS

Co-op http://www.stcharles.ca/COOP

Chef Training http://stcharles.ca/CHEF

WE'RE BACK! St. Charles is Open!