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St. Charles School Prayer
Our School Prayer

Our School Prayer

We are partners in God's vision of fullness of life for all,
partners in the ministry of service,
partners in teaching,
partners in healing and hope.

Together we reach out to welcome the newcomer,
the stranger,
the disadvantaged.

Together we move out to teach the young and the elderly.

Together we listen to the shy,
the lonely,
the grieving,
the downcast.

Together we celebrate each effort,
each personal accomplishment,
each academic success.

Ours is the gift of care and concern
on days when no one else is there.

Ours is the gift of knowledge and skill
to build and rebuild lives.

Ours is the gift of affirming the ways of a loving God
in a world that needs reminding that life is still beautiful.

God of life,
Bless this relationship with our students,
strengthen our partnership with each other
and deepen our fellowship with all
as we strive to bring life through learning
into the lives of all students at St. Charles.