International Languages – Elementary

Office Hours

Please note that these are the office hours and not the hours for the program itself. Please see schedule section below for information on program hours.

Monday to Friday: All locations and offices - 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Nights: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (150 East 5th Street Location) Please note: You can't register for ESL on Monday nights.

Schools will be closed on Monday, May 22 for Victoria Day.
Would Your Child Like To Learn A New Language Or Their Heritage Language And Culture?

Would Your Child Like To Learn A New Language Or Their Heritage Language And Culture?

For over 25 years the International Languages Program has provided elementary school children with an opportunity to experience the culture, traditions and language of their heritage or of other countries.

The HWCDSB offers the International Languages program to elementary school children from JK to Grade 8 free of charge. No previous knowledge of any of the languages is necessary and classes run once a week for 2 1/2 hours.

It is never too late to register as students are accepted throughout the school year.

It continues to be an excellent way to enrich day school learning…and have fun too!

Program Description

Students can benefit from this program, whether they wish to learn a language for the very first time or extend their knowledge of their heritage language. Over 20 language classes are offered in 24 locations throughout Hamilton.

This program provides opportunities for all students to develop new language competencies and cross-cultural understanding that
will allow them to function effectively in Canada’s multicultural society and in the international community.

Who May Apply

This program is available to all elementary school children.

How To Register

On-going enrolment - register at any time.
Please register in person at the location of your language choice.

Chinese language students: Create an account and register online at

See flyer for language locations: ...

Schedule and Locations

Classes are offered once a week, for 2 1/2 hour sessions and located throughout Hamilton.
Please check the flyer for location, day and time: ...

Fall session: September 9, 2016-May 31, 2017
Summer Session: July 4-28, 2017



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Punjabi Community - ProAction Cops Build Trust With International Languages Students Punjabi Community - ProAction Cops Build Trust With International Languages Students

Punjabi Community - ProAction Cops Build Trust With International Languages Students

One of the objectives of ‘The International Language’ program is to enable students to become familiar with the experiences and cultural contributions of the people whose language they are studying, both in Canada and in the country of origin, through a study of the language, community’s traditions, customs, social structures, history, geography and arts.

According to the head instructor of the Punjabi IL program, Ajit Chaggar, there is a great fear and mistrust of law enforcement in India. The new immigrants instil this fear of police in their children. When he heard that one of his student’s parents was police officer, Constable Jagdeed Dhaliwal, did a presentation for his co-workers at the east-end station’s D Squad on this cultural problem he asked if he would come and do a presentation for the students.

They enlisted the assistance of ten police officers from the east-end station's D Squad. Staff-Sergeant Dave Hennick organized the event to help the students understand that policing in Canada is a trusted profession. They spent the morning teaching about safety and playing badminton with three dozen children from a Punjabi International language class. The event was organized under the umbrella of a program called ProAction Cops and Kids, a 22-year-old initiative designed to clear away the suspicion that keeps Canadian police and immigrant communities apart.

The program took place at Our Lady of Peace Elementary School in Stoney Creek and involved safety lessons, learning badminton rules, badminton competition between the police and students. In addition to the games, the children taking part received a T-shirt to commemorate the event, a pizza lunch, some Hamilton Police Service swag, a chance to sit on the inside of a patrol wagon, a participation medal, their own badminton racquet and birdie, plus more racquets and birdies were donated to the school.

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