Regina's Place

Program Description

Regina's Place (High School) and the Jeanne Scott Parent & Child Resource Centre

The Jeanne Scott Parent & Resource Centre is located next door to Regina’s Place High School. Here young mothers can earn high school credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In doing so, the young mothers achieve a higher education and can break the cycle of poverty and better their chances of employment and independence. The school offers a classroom with a qualified teacher instructor for the mothers, while on-site child minding is provided for their babies. Ontario Early Years Program on-site

How to Register

Contact Regina’s Place at (905) 549-4276

On-going registration September to June

Schedule and Location

• On-going registration September to June.
• Located at 1475 Barton St East.
• Contact Regina’s Place at (905) 549-4276
• September – June (School Year)
September – June (School Year)
Monday – Friday 9am – 2:20pm

1475 Barton Street East
(between Kenilworth and Strathearne)


There are no fees for this program
Notre Dame House & Regina's Place Grads Beat the Odds! Notre Dame House & Regina's Place Grads Beat the Odds!

Notre Dame House & Regina's Place Grads Beat the Odds!

Students at Regina's Place (formerly Angela's Place) an organization helping young mothers and Notre Dame House (they assist homeless and street-involved youth) have been through many challenges to graduate. They celebrated their accomplishments at a touching ceremony on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

"I was off my medication, withdrawing off street drugs, estranged from my family, homeless and terribly confused and alone," explained Notre Dame House valedictorian Marie Sinclair, "Over the past 5 years I was able to find stable housing, repair the relationship with my family, stabilize my mental health and go back to school."

"As young mothers we are often told we will never amount to anything." said Regina's Place valedictorian Caitlin Coates in her speech, "We are told we will never finish school, that we will always live in poverty and that young mothers are bad parents."

"We have the odds stacked against us but we don’t have to be just another statistic," she added, "I intend to break out of that stereotype because I have been told this is what I am and this is what I can’t do. I intend to prove everyone who has ever said or thought that about me wrong and I hope you all do the same."

Marie and Caitlin were just two of the students who beat the odds to complete their high school diploma through Regina's Place or Notre Dame House. Both programs offer credit courses through St. Charles Adult & Continuing Education.


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