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Home-schooled children are not funded and are subject to a fee or $100.00/pupil.

Program Description

  • The focus of this program is to offer children at the elementary level, an opportunity to develop and maintain the ability to listen, speak, read, write, and understand a new language or the language of the home or heritage.
  • The Fall/Winter session begins on Saturday, September 9th and ends on Saturday, June 1st.
  • This is a continuous intake program and students can register throughout the year.
  • Classes run for 2.5 hours/day once a week.
  • For course listing, please check flyer below.
  • For further information, please refer to the parents/guardians frequently asked questions at stcharles.ca/ilfaq


Please go to stcharles.ca\ilinfo

How To Register

Registration is now available at stcharles.ca\ilreg

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