Give the Gift of Joy

From November 21 - December 1, the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton will be accepting donations through the Give the Gift of Joy Campaign from our school community.

The 3 main groups we have the chance to support are:3

  • helping youth to lead independent lives through education and stable housing
  • supporting Kin families with the essentials needed for children in their care
  • addressing food insecurity to support families we serve

Here's how our school community can help…

Monetary donations have shown to provide those in need with necessities as well as the independence to make purchases of their own for the holidays. With rising inflation, and cost of food increasing, those in our vulnerable communities need your help now more than ever. We have the chance to double the impact of ourdonations with matching component thanks to the Diocese of Hamilton.

The funds we raise will go directly to helping those in need. For example, a donation of $50 will help a youth living independently afford food, and a donation of $150 can go as far as helping a family create a magical holiday for the children in their home.

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