Mountain Campus: 150 East 5th Street (at Brucedale)

Work is done online.



$1,032 per credit for visitors to Canada

Program Description

  • Must be over 18 and no longer registered in a secondary school
  • 4-week module in July (no classes in August)
  • Teacher-led
  • Online only

For September-June terms, please go to https://www.stcharles.ca/programs/teacherled.

Secondary and Grade 8 (going to Grade 9 in September 2023) students please go to https://www.stcharles.ca/programs/summer-school.


July 4 - July 28, 2023 (Online only)

  • ENG3CE (Grade 11 College English)
  • ENG3UE (Grade 11 University English)
  • ENG3EE (Grade 11 Workplace English)
  • ENG4CE (Grade 12 College English)
  • ENG4UE (Grade 12 University English)
  • ENG4EE (Grade 12 Workplace English)
  • CGG3OE (Grade 11 Travel & Tourism)
  • HHS4UE (Grade 12 Families in Canada)
  • OLC40E (Literacy)
  • MBF3CE (Grade 11 Foundations for College Mathematics)
  • MEL3EE (Grade 11 Mathematics for Work & Everyday Life)
  • MAP4CE (Grade 12 Foundations for College Mathematics)
  • MDM4UE (Grade 12 Mathematics of Data Management)
  • PPZ3CE (Health for Life)
  • SBI3UE (Grade 11, University Biology)
  • SCH3UE (Grade 11, University Chemistry)
  • SPH3UE (Grade 11 University Physics)
  • SBI3CE (Grade 11, College Biology)
  • SBI4UE (Grade 12, University Biology)
  • SCH4UE (Grade 12, University Chemistry)
  • SPH4UE (Grade 12 University Physics)
  • SCH4CE (Grade 12, College Chemistry)
  • SPH4CE (Grade 12, College Physics)

Exams will be written on July 26 in-person at a location to be announced in July.

Students must make appointment before the start date.

How To Register

Please click here to schedule an appointment with a guidance counsellor.

If you are not a current student or have not been a student of the HWCDSB, you will be required to provide us with a copy of your most recent high school transcript.

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