St. Charles Culinary Arts Graduate Receives Skilled Trades Bursary

Gabriela De Hernandez is a hardworking, thorough, diligent student with a pleasant personality. She is one of the graduating students of the 2022 Culinary Arts program.

Gabriela first started Aa St. Charles in the 6-week Introduction to Culinary Arts program in March 2021. With a newfound passion for the Culinary Arts, she went on to join the 10-month Culinary Arts Program in September 2021. Through the challenges of being a newcomer in Canada, learning English, family life, COVID and attending a comprehensive program for building her career, Gabriela has shone through it all. In the second semester, as part of the requirements of the culinary program, Gabriela went for her co-op placement to a hip and upcoming restaurant in Hamilton. She quickly found her place within the fast-churning wheels of the restaurant and with her employers. She completed her coop placement with flying colours and went on to be hired by them.

The Culinary field is a very important trade, and millions are employed within its various sectors. As Gabriela was in the credit earning Culinary program, enrolled in the coop program in the Culinary skilled trade, demonstrated leadership and success in the trade of her passion, she was naturally nominated and chosen to receive the Skilled Trades Bursary.

We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.